Around Town.

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Welcome to my first post! Here’s a little piece of my life around town.

Manayunk is a town 15 minutes from Center City Philly. With its charming storefronts, urban feel, vibrant energy, overflowing brunch spots, and old mill buildings, this little spot has always been my favorite. We take Jude there on the regular to scope out farmer’s markets, walk along the canal, and eat at the sidewalk cafes.

Recent wanderings:

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

I spy something furry! ↓ ↓

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Bourbon Blue, one of the best spots in town. Visit, even if it’s just for their happy hour and fish tacos!!

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

Around Town | Sally's Baking Addiction Photography

This place is way too energetic not to share! ♥

Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii & Canon EF 24-70mm f/4.0.


  1. Great shots! I love manayunk. Good luck with your new blog.

  2. these photos are beautiful! quick question… from your photography tips it says you use both these… Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 &  a Canon EF 24-70mm f/4.0 Zoom Lens. … my questions is, which one of them do you use most often especially for shots like these outdoor ones above… I’m going to be getting my first DSLR the end of this month so I was just curious about you lens!

    • Hi Michelle! I use my Canon EF 24-70mm f/4.0 lens for a lot of my travel. I use my Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens for most of my food shots. Though it’s not this cut and dry– I switch off and on between the two a lot! I looooove my Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 the most though.

  3. I love the new blog already! That brick wall is gorgeously textured and those sweet potato fried look beyond!

  4. Love the new blog, Sally! Looking forward to seeing some more of your photography 🙂 

  5. Congrats on your new blog, these photos are amazing; so sharp and the contrast of colour is perfect. You have such a good artistic eye! Well done! x

  6. Stunning pics! So excited for your new journey.
    Sally i am having trouble subscribing to your photography website.
    It gives me an error.

    Please assist me


    • Let me double check the settings and get back to you! Thank you so much.

    • Figured it out! If you are already subscribed to receive my recipe posts to your email, then you’ll need to ‘update your preferences’ which is a link in the recipe post emails you already receive. From there you can check off “photography” or “both.”

  7. Gorgeous, Gorgeous! I love the newspaper stand photo!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Now I want to follow you in your adventures in the US. Make us dream! 🙂

  9. L-O-V-E everything about this! Gorgeous, Sally!

  10. Oh gosh – that toasted garlic bread and cheese plate! To die for. Looks like an adorable neighborhood. So glad you started this second blog; you are such a talented photographer and I love seeing even more photos from you!

  11. Sally, I didn’t think I’d be interested in the photography angle (no pun intended) because I subscribe largely for the baking, but I took a look through your pictures.  You definitely have an eye for the thread of the every day fabric, bringing to life the character of the smaller images that make up what we see and what we don’t think we see.  Definitely keep up this work, and especially your enthusiasm for all the things you love.  It’s catching.

    • Megan, thank you so much. I often envy that in other photographers– seeing the beauty in everyday. So, I appreciate what you said so, so much. 

  12. Hi Sally,

    congrats for this new step, I love your blog and will keep following, enjoying your pictures too, from now on.
    What camera do you use?
    name, model, brand? can you tell us?

    Do you also do ‘post production work’ yourself?
    thank you, Alice

    • Hi Alice! For these photos, I used my Canon 5D Mark iii & Canon EF 24-70mm f/4.0 lens. I edit all of the photos myself in Adobe Lightroom.

  13. Awesome job, Sally! What a cool idea. Love seeing your pictures and finding beauty in everyday life. I think it would be neat if you told us what settings you use in manual mode for different shots, like f stop, shutter speed, and ISO. It helps to have starting points sometimes when you are shooting new things or just want to get better!

  14. Really digging that colorful newspaper stand!

  15. Loving this! I am seriously obsessing over that Moscow Mule copper mug, and OMG those sweet potato fries!

  16. So happy for you.  These are stunning.  

  17. Beautiful pics, Looking forward to this new adventure! I love your photos, I so wish I loved to take pictures. It’s one of the things I wish I could have someone else do on my site.. and social media -grrrr 😉 

  18. LOVE the photos (especially that gorgeous appetizer with the bread and cheese!) I love that this is just such a natural extension of your baking blog… Still you, just fewer sprinkles 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  19. Awesome photographs!!  I love the texture on those sweet potato fries, and the vibrant color of those flowers!  My in-laws live in Philly so the next time I’m in town, I want to check out Bourbon Blue!  

  20. I had my birthday party at Bourbon Blue a few years ago! I love that place!

  21. Love your photos and thanks for sharing. Wish I could “pin” a couple or three as one of my pins is about signs that represent shops. You have a couple on here and also the one of the hydrangeas. I know nothing about art, just pictures that I like, but I liked seeing the picture of the wall also (with the furry). Ha ha. All of the photos are great but I am not surprised. Just like your baking, you are very creative. Thank you.

  22. These photos are gorgeous, Sally! I have a question. Does it feel weird to pull out your camera to take photos of food while you’re eating at a restaurant? I know sometimes I feel like people are staring when I take photos with my iPhone! If I’m ever in the area, I’m going to add Bourbon Blue to my list of places to visit.

    • I’ve learned to simply not care about how silly I look with my camera in public, especially in a restaurant. I’m doing what I love and shouldn’t feel bad about it. Definitely check out Bourbon Blue!

  23. Oh my!!! Beautiful pics. I am so happy for you.  

    Hehe u prolly didnt see yourself doing any of this 5yrs ago 😉

  24. Love your pictures. You mentioned Bourbon Blue’s fish tacos… I’ve been trying to find a really great fish taco recipe. I would love it if you created one! I know it would be fantastic! 

  25. Lovely, vibrant photos Sally! I’ve already told you on your other blog how much I enjoy your life shots and stories, so I’m really glad you will be sharing more on this blog 🙂
    (Just one small glitch: in the comment when I want to write in a new line and hit “enter” it just adds a space., so sorry if my comment looks crammed.)
    I agree with a previous commenter: it would be wonderful for us learning our way to take photos if you added the manual settings you used for different photos just so we can see what a difference in setting can make. Also more tips, tricks and tutorials for photography would be hugely appreciated!! Thank you, I really enjoyed taking this virtual tour of Manayunk, looks like a lovely little town. 🙂

  26. Hi.  I love this.  One of my favourite things about your baking blog is your month in pictures, now you have a dedicated blog for just that.  Well done you.  You’re so innovative with everything you do.  I bet your family are bursting with pride. xx

  27. So freakin’ awesome, Sally! I love that you are doing this because your food photos are seriously THE SHIZZ. I go to waaay too many food blogs, so I consider myself a lite expert on the subject. (Ha!) I cannot wait to see more posts in your photo blog, and I love-love-LOVE that you gave us a little walking tour of Manayunk. Such a great idea! I feel like I just went on a little summer weekend road trip! 😀 Thanks, as always, for sharing. Your blog always gives me a reason to smile. Shine on, Sally. 

  28. Hi, I’m one of your ‘baking followers’. Congratulations on this new blog. The photos are amazing! It’s interesting for me as European to see a little slice of US through such beautiful photography (and your personal eye). I shall enjoy following you in this.

  29. Love this new photography part of your blog! Your food photos are always so inspiring, and these photos are no different! Looking forward to more posts! <3

  30. Love the new photo blog 🙂

    What is your #1 recommendation of restaurant and/or thing to do/see in Philadelphia?

  31. Hi Sally! I absolutely love your baking blog posts, but now look forward to your photography too! They are such good quality, and I could see them easily framed in many peoples’ homes.

    So the question is…would you ever consider selling prints? Or even publishing a coffee table type book of photos? (After you take a well-earned break from your candy cookbook frenzy, of course.) I absolutely love the bench photo at the top of this post!

    • Thank you so much Shannon! I’ve never thought to sell my prints. Or publishing them in a book. What a fun idea! I know, I love that bench photo as well.

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