Mountains & Pups.

Salt Lake | Sally's Baking Addiction

Not to be confused with mountains OF pups.

Though I wouldn’t fight that scenario!

Salt Lake | Sally's Baking Addiction

Salt Lake | Sally's Baking Addiction

A couple weeks ago, I visited Utah for the Everything Food Conference. In between some sessions and events, I snuck away to explore. I took a drive up to Little Cottonwood Canyon. This little getaway, even for just 1 hour, made me super happy because in the past 4-5 years, I’ve discovered how much I love hiking and generally just being near mountains. Mostly for the peace + quiet and the overall serenity of the scene. Mountains make you feel so small and, even for just a minute, problems seem to dissolve into the peaceful, thin air.

Salt Lake | Sally's Baking Addiction

Salt Lake | Sally's Baking Addiction

Salt Lake | Sally's Baking Addiction

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Utah is a postcard! How can you get any work done when this is in your backyard?!

Back on the East coast and back to reality. The end of May was all about getting ahead on work and figuring out how the heck to shoot food with Franklin running around my feet. The little guy loves to explore! He sleeps 80% of the day and the other 20%, he’s pouncing around and picking up crumbs. Jude’s trying to show him the ropes. The two of them are hysterical because there’s a 100 lb difference.

Shooting dogs who constantly squirm, wiggle, and roll couldn’t be more different than shooting mountains, but the two make me so happy!

Jude & Franklin | Sally's Baking Addiction

Jude & Franklin | Sally's Baking Addiction

Jude & Franklin | Sally's Baking Addiction

Jude & Franklin | Sally's Baking Addiction

Jude & Franklin | Sally's Baking Addiction

Jude & Franklin | Sally's Baking Addiction

Jude & Franklin | Sally's Baking Addiction

It’s been a wild few weeks between travel, moving, and Franklin– thank you for taking this incredible journey with me! 🙂

I shot the mountains with my Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L lens and the pups with my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L.

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  1. Oh my goodness – these photos are absolutely beautiful. What amazing scenery. And the doggies, too cute!

  2. How gorgeous.  There is something incredibly peaceful about the mountains, isn’t there?  I love the shot of the water running over the logs in particular.  And those doggies are as cute as can be!!!

  3. Awwww – love it all!! So happy for you!!! Enjoy every second!!! :):):) 

  4. I’m with you Sally! I total mountain girl (but love the sound of the ocean too). I know you’ve moved a couple hours further south but if you ever want to vacation in PA again, go to Huntingdon County! This is where I may move to (and get to take my job with me and work from home 100%). Specifically Raystown River Country! It’s PA’s #1 best kept secret and like the third best place to vaca in the US (believe it or not!). I’ve never seen mountains like this in PA! Puts the pocono’s to shame. Our hearts are REALLY out west in Wyoming though. Nothing beats the Rockies I am sure! Thanks for sharing these. Excellent pics of both the Mountains and the Pups! Made my day VERY happy! 🙂

  5. Dude, I want you to come shoot some pictures of my two dogs, Sally! They’re both 10 years old and very rarely have I gotten great pictures of them. I swear Sadie knows what the camera is and intentionally messes up pictures! Your photos look amazing.

    • Oh my gosh. Jude acts like a total diva sometimes and looks every other direction when I’m trying to take his picture. THEY KNOW! Only sometimes, when he’s tired, I can snap one!


  7. Great shots! I love the ones of the Franklin, but then I’m addicted to puppies. 🙂

  8. Oh those mountains…so gorgeous!!! I agree. Most people I know love the beach. Well, EVERYONE is at the beach. I love wandering through the mountains and never seeing another person for at least an hour. The peace is magical! And love those lenses!! I just pulled up Amazon to buy them!

  9. Awesome mountain pictures. Love the dog pics. Utah is a magical place. The mountains are my special place to reflect and find peace from our hectic lives. Franklin is so adorable. Nice addition to the happy family.

  10. Wonderful landscape shots Sally!

  11. Thank you, Sally, for such amazing photos! Utah is absolutely breathtaking. And it was fun to be a part of Jude’s and Franklin’s day. Wishing you all the best.

  12. Beautiful country! Your pictures are gorgeous! And I always love to see your cute doggies! 🙂

  13. Wow, those mountain sceneries are breathtaking, I bet they were even more impressive in person, thanks for sharing their beauty with us! I would have imagined Utah to be more “red” and desert-like, so these gorgeous pine forests and mountains were an eye-opener.

    And Fraklin and Jude are just adorable! How did JUde take the arrival of the little one? Is he a patient big brother? And how’s the move coming along? Are you already in the new house, or still in between?

    My flat renovation is still underway, but hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel, fingers crossed the works will be done next week!

    • In the new house now! The move went smoothly, but we are having work done to the kitchen so there’s still boxes everywhere. And contractors in and out daily! So excited your reno is almost finished!!

      Jude’s been great. He loses patience at times, as expected. Mostly around food and toys. They now lay together and give kisses. So… progress!

  14. Utah and dogs! Two of my loves in life! Your mountain pictures are amazing! The dogs somehow know just when to pose. They are both so cute!!!! Don’t ever stop baking, but you can always take on photography as a backup! 

  15. Those big puppy eyes! They just melt my heart. The mountain pictures are gorgeous – the Rockies are on my bucket list some day!

  16. Adorable! Gosh your dogs are so stinkin cute. I love that Jude is huge and Franklin is so little! I love hiking for the same reason – I love feeling small and how the mountains help you realize your problems are small too!

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