I’m Sally, owner of Sally’s Baking Addiction. I really like to bake. This you already know. What you might not know is that over the past few years learning about food photography, I’ve taken an interest in shooting life. Whether that is travel, nature, people, places, spaces, you name it.

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I bring my camera everywhere, so I created this space not only to document my adventures, but to share my pictures with you. They’re random, they’re enthusiastic, they’re me.

This photography blog is an extension of my blog sallysbakingaddiction.com. See the tab at the very top of my header to easily switch back and forth between the two!

Some Things.

Some Other Things.

  • I keep all of my sprinkles in a large plastic storage container and, at one time, counted 53 opened jars. True story. I’ll take a picture sometime.
  • Some of my favorite things in life are lake weekends, pie, my dogs, coffee, Fall, thunderstorms, Saturdays, and pajamas.
  • My husband’s favorite things include peanut butter, accounting, motorcycles, building things, and fixing things.

At least we have that one thing in common.

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